There is this theory in physics. Well, it’s not really a theory as that when talking about physics would involve a hypothesis, experiments, measurements, proof and so on. It’s more like an idea. A hope maybe.

As we move up in the periodic table looking at the different elements, they have a distinct tendency to become more and more unstable. In fact, any of the elements with an atomic number above 84 is radioactive and straight up unstable.

So the theory, idea, goes that somewhere on the periodic table if we go to a high enough atomic number, we might find a set of super heavy elements that are all stable. These as of yet undiscovered elements will represent an Island of Stability in an otherwise chaotic and somewhat dangerous end of the spectrum.

These elements might possess new and exciting properties not found in the ordinary elements that we are used to mucking around with.

They also represent a beautiful metaphor. An anchor in an otherwise frenetic and fierce ocean. The eye of a hurricane. A smile in the middle of an argument.

Oh, and it’s also the name of this blog where I am posting my science fiction short stories.

All stories published here are copyright by Lars H. Hoffmann and are distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.



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