Companion piece: The Forgetting

I grew up reading many of the classic science fiction stories by authors such as Robert A. Heinlein, Ray Bradbury and my all-time favorite: Isaac Asimov. Asimov wrote straight forward stories with clear prose. The science fictional element was key to the story, not just part of the backdrop. The science was always pivotal for the plot.

This is still the kind of science fiction that inspires me. Sure, light sabres and space operas can be entertaining, but I prefer science fiction that takes future possibilities and examines the societal consequences of them. Asimov was a master at that. For example; he came up with his now famous three laws of robotics and then tried to poke holes in them. Would they hold up? What would happen if they were worded slightly differently? What would happen if the 2nd law came before the 1st? And so on. He created many short stories around this theme, some of them collected in the anthology “I, Robot.”

My most recent publication is a short story titled “The Forgetting”. It has been published in Alien Dimensions #7 available in print and for kindle on

Classic science fiction stories like those written by Asimov, and most noticeably his book “The Caves of Steel” were my inspiration for The Forgetting. I wanted to write a story describing a strange futuristic society where things like memory, aging and social interactions worked in a very different way from what we are used to. Unfortunately, describing a society does not make for a very compelling story, so I used the good old trick that Asimov has so many times taken advantage of: I added a murder mystery.

I do not want to spoil anything from the story but suffice to say it is a dark and at the same time humorous murder mystery. You can find it here:

Alien Dimensions Issue 7 Digital

Alien Dimensions Issue 7 In Print

Thanks to editor Neil A. Hogan from Alien Dimensions for publishing this story.


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